Movie: The Lost Tribe (2009)

  • Director: Roel Reiné
  • Run Time: USA:100 min
  • Country: USA , Australia
  • Genre: Adventure , Thriller  

Tagline: Regress!  

\”While navigating with his girlfriend Alexis and his partners and friends Chris and Tom and his girlfriend Anna to a close a Broadband Internet access business in Asia in the motor pleasure yacht of Joe, they rescue a wounded drowned man in shock. During the night, the stranger overrides the automatic pilot and steers the vessel to change the direction; however he accidentally wrecks on a rock and the vessel sinks. The castaways reach a beach in an island and they try to contact the coast-guard through the radio. However, during the night, the body of the stranger vanishes from the grave and then Tom also disappears. The group decides to seek-out Tom and sooner they find that the wild jungle has hostile inhabitants that hunt in pack and the survivors are the prey. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil\”

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