Movie: Thank God Its Friday (1978)

  • Director: Robert Klane
  • Release Date: 20 July 1978 (Netherlands)
  • Run Time: 89 min
  • Country: USA
  • Genre: Comedy , Music  

Tagline: Let's blow this joint into another space zone  

Trivia: In-joke: Director Robert Klane referenced by ads for fictitious Klane Scotch plastered on front and side of bus. 

Goofs: Continuity: When Gus and Shirley leave the bar, they pass Tony\’s Porsche. Marv \”Leatherman\” Gomez\’s truck is parked next to it. But The Leatherman doesn\’t arrive till the next scene. 

\”It\’s Friday and everyone is going to the hot new disco. The Commodore\’s are scheduled to play if Floyd shows up with the instruments and Nicole dreams of becoming a disco star. Other characters are there to win the dance contest, or to put a little excitement into a fifth anniversary. Written by Tony Fontana <>\”

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